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  • Grifasi Method

    Since 2012, from the beginning of his online activity, Calogero Grifasi has always been an innovating and ground breaking factor of the regressive hypnosis world. All the philosophies, techniques and trends followed up to that moment have been questioned, analysed and overthrown. A new revolutionary method was born, as well as a new way of adapting regressive hypnosis to the new era, unthinkable only few years prior:
    - Sessions done on the internet, directly from the comfort of the home, with parallel translation in different languages and unrestricted publication of the videos on the internet with the prior permission from the client.
    - Sessions with a support operator for those who up to that moment haven’t been able to participate in a regressive hypnosis session due to low susceptibility or physical / logistical issues.
    The method itself has been an authentic revolution in the field. For the first time an intervention of any external entity in order to solve a problem is not allowed in the esoteric environment reached during a session. That way we avoid many unnecessary traps, risks and transfers of power to others, all of which always compromise, even to a minimal degree, a complete success of this operation. During the session it is the subliminal part of the client who gradually discovers the mechanism that lead him to suffer from the esoteric interference, begins to understand it and that way can choose to modify or cancel it, completely restoring the ideal conditions. The idea rapidly turned out to be an authentic success and in only a few years it included languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and much more to come.

  • Training courses

    Academy is a project offered to everyone that successfully passed one of Calogero Grifasi’s official training courses. The Academy members can have their sessions reviewed before they are published on the official channel. That way we can accompany them in their own processes of maturing as the regressive hypnosis operators, correct possible errors and avoid a situation in which poorly-guided sessions may lead to a negative feedback from the public.
    Moreover, the members of this project can make use of the YouTube channel as a real launching pad to start this work and a quality inversion for those who decide to seriously get involved in this field. When a new regressive hypnosis operator will be ready and professionally mature, they can decide to leave the project and organize their work autonomously.
    Calo felt the necessity to create multi-language teams of well-instructed, highly trained and qualified operators apt for this delicate work. After a thorough selection of candidates, we organized training courses. This work is important and if it is done without expertise, it can be dangerous and harmful. But even so, many began to practice regressive hypnosis after watching only a few videos on the Internet, and improvise using inaccurate and inappropriate techniques.
    Being aware of this dangerous situation, Team Grifasi decided to organize training courses for those who will not become members of the Team itself, in order to teach them to correctly follow all processes in the hypnotic environment. These courses for external operators will provide them with basic yet essential training in performing esoteric regressive hypnosis sessions. The courses are done online, on the Internet, which significantly reduces the costs linked to the accommodation of the participants. You can send us a participation request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Team Grifasi operators are people chosen for their human qualities and professional skills.
In addition to the esoteric regressive hypnosis sessions, they participate in the Team's projects and contribute to its outcome.

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